Mission and Vision



In order to conserve, protect, and enhance the natural resources in the Trout Creek Watershed and Willow Creek Watershed, the mission of the Jefferson County Soil and Water Conservation District is to:

  • Protect, improve and/or enhance WATER RESOURCES, which benefit agriculture and recreational uses, fish, wildlife habitat and drinking water to meet State, Federal and local standards.
  • Conserve our SOILS RESOURCES to ensure productive agricultural use and reduce the impacts of soil erosion by wind and water.
  • Promote good stewardship and management on FOREST and RANGE RESOURCES to improve plant ecological conditions, wildlife habitat, fisheries and recreational uses.
  • Strengthen partnerships, promote the development of COORDINATED RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PLANS (CRMP) and CONSERVATION FARM PLANS.
  • Create, improve, restore and enhance FISH AND WILDLIFE HABITAT in Jefferson County



The Mission of the Jefferson county Soil and Water Conservation District exists to assist local landowners, cooperators and the public in the wise development and use of our natural resources.”


  • The District will be recognized and respected by Jefferson County residents as a key provider of natural resource services and information.
  • The District will be recognized for providing technical assistance to landowners to implement conservation measures to protect natural resources in the Willow and Trout Creek Watersheds, solve their individual problems and meet objectives.
  • The District will be recognized for providing assistance to county and city governments on problems involving erosion control, irrigation, manure management, invasive species, wildlife habitat, stream functioning, and other natural resource concerns.
  • The District shall be equipped to address local resource concerns with adequate funding; a highly skilled staff; and established, effective relationships with groups, agencies, and individuals.M/li>
  • The District shall be recognized as vital to creating sustainable communities, a sound environment, and a strong economy.

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