Board Overview


Board Information

Conservation district boards are the local governing body of the Soil and Water Conservation District. Effective boards work cooperatively as a unit to plan and oversee implementation of their district’s programs.

Duties and Responsibilities of Board Members:

  • Attend and actively participate in all board meetings.
  • Come to meetings prepared.
  • Carry out committee responsibilities.
  • Keep abreast of local conservation issues.
  • Attend area and state meetings of the state association.
  • Participate in training opportunities.
  • Promote the district’s work to local landowners.
  • Promote the district’s work to its constituency.
  • Promote the district’s work to agencies and organizations.
  • Promote the district’s work to legislators and other decision makers regarding the district’s funding.
  • Identify local conservation needs and work to meet them within the limits of its resources.
  • Keep its conservation district’s mission in focus.

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